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"Creating art has been my only goal in life that has given me strength and a strong will to live and a happiness that nothing can replace. Television, computers and all these new fascinating things do not give me the satisfaction I get in creating art. I like my work to tell a story. Each piece will take you on an unpredictable journey of fantasy, humor and color. In each creation, I wish to bring a genuine insight to the viewer and show an appreciation for nature and life itself. My work often reflects my love for animals. The love I receive from caring for animals has made my life meaningful, whether it is the six cats and two love birds currently sharing my house, fondly remembered rescue dogs or the squirrel happily nesting on my AC unit."

Florence's career as a professional artist started with sculptures created with the curious things she found discarded on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

"Found Objects are just sculptural forms and when they are put together they create a complex, meaningful work of art. An object found on the street or at garage sales can motivate me to start creating. Years ago when raising a family of five children I had no money for art supplies. I began making sculptures from things I found on the streets - finding things is cheaper than going to an art store."

Since then her sculptures have evolved to incorporate her colorful woodcut prints. Although they reflect current events and subjects of concern to her, they often take on a whimsical nature and display a childlike innocence.

Being a monitor for several years in studios at The Art Student League, Pratt Graphic Center and the Art Center of Northern New Jersey enabled Florence to master all aspects of printmaking. Her fascination and passion for this art form led to her museum quality prints being published in the children's book "Cowboy Ed".

Physical limitations have unfortunately made it impossible for Florence to pursue her printing passion, but undeterred she has returned to painting,

"I love paint and get an emotional satisfaction from using a brush and from the colors themselves. I like my paintings to tell a story and show an appreciation for nature and life itself."

Her paintings are based on observations of ordinary people enjoying everyday life, whether relaxing at the pool, strolling down Main Street or getting a hair cut.

Clay is now Florence's new passion. Years of study at Greenwich House Pottery led to a teaching position, which she pursued until 2003. Florence was also Artist in Residence for Ceramic Sculpture at Artpark, Lewiston, NY.

"Clay is like magic to me. It creates its own forms as it is pinched, coiled and played with. My ideas come from the shape that appears and it just keeps developing until a three dimensional sculpture is born."

Playful creatures emerge from the joyful colors of her fantasy, narrative sculptures, slyly commenting on human inhibitions and propriety. The childlike quality underlying the sophistication reflects a naïve, antic and sometimes cuckoo take on life.

Through the years, Florence has mastered many media. But whether she chooses to express herself in clay, paint or ink, there is always a sense of fantasy, humor and color; a wish to bring a genuine happiness and joy to the viewer that makes each creation an undeniable Florence Wint. Her work features in many corporate collections, including Exxon, Johnson & Johnson and Bristol Meyers Squibb, as well as being enjoyed in many private collections throughout the United States and Europe, including Dr Howard S Smith.
She has appeared in "Who's Who in American Art" and was honored to receive a Fellowship from New Jersey Council of the Arts in 2002. Florence has been an active member of many local art groups and currently exhibits widely throughout the New York and New Jersey area.

Selected Exhibitions and Honors

  • 2014
  • NY Coo Gallery 1133 Broadway #335 New York, NY 10010
  • Artistic Divergence : Solo Show The Heldrich, Hotel and Conference Center, New Brunswick, NJ
  • The Art of Aging Gracefully Summit Medical Center, Berkeley Heights, NJ
  • Please click for a résumé of Past Exhibits, Education and Experience